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The long-awaited journey finally started.

Last year's trip - Suzhou Sanshan Island.

This year- Zhejiang Anji tour.

Mountain climbing, rafting, the 10 thought miles bamboo forest, national treasure-panda.

Every spots is so attractive.

Of course, the most important gain is 

 mutual understanding between teams was improved

through this trip.

On the first day we arrived at the Grand Canyon in northern Zhejiang,

Wearing a cute yellow cap,

climbs the mountain and overlook the waterfall falls far away.

Stopped for a while  and we leave the scenery here,

 Sister miss design said: I wanna PS a hat to whom didn’t wear hats.

Everyone climbed to the highest place.

The most exciting project started-


Bump along the way, thrills.

Everyone also played a water fight.

A burst of laughter on the water, exciting fight

Of course, everyone is wet 

From the frightened beginning to the end, we want more.

The next day's journey:

Bamboo Expo Garden, Tianxia Silver pit, Panda

First take a photo at the gate,

the unkown uncle who stands high stolen the scene.

Then went to  see the little raccoon, giant panda.

The Handsome & Pretty four  in The Tianxia silver pit exclaimed : look, UFO ~

Looking back to the photos of last year's travel, 

the people in the photo changed and the tourist attractions changed

but the memories left will last forever.

Decades later, I hope we can still remember: I once fought in Yunyuhua


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