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Since company established in 2014, it is basically necessary to move the address once a year.

As the company rapid development,  the office area and storage area never keep up with the speed of development

In July 2016, we moved to Yangdong Road, Suzhou industrial park.

Now it has been determined that in July 2018, we will move to Yuanhe Building, Xiangcheng District.

Offices and warehouses will be completely separated.

The leader once said: ”Here is the longest address location we’ve ever stayed and it's really reluctant to move” .

Yes, although our external environment is not very good but we do have a good working atmosphere .

Whole-day music palying regardless in office or warehouse

Snacks are free to eat and there is a ping pong table that has been with the us for several years.

After separation, they can not arbitrarily go to the warehouse to help to pack and deliver.

We can no more get the product at any time when we want to buy a company product online.

We can't send a courier anymore by the benefits of company express. 

Last Double Eleven festival, all departments worked together

Ordering, pre-packaged, take orders overnight.

---package mountain,prepackaged results.

Last year's packing competition, table tennis activities, full of memories.

---Packing Competition: Delivery is not easy, everyone has his temper.


Since entering the e-commerce industry,

Looked at the frontline customer service staff rapid typing speed, online shopper are rarely angry with them.

Looked at the busy pace of the uncle and aunts in the warehouse, who will be angry about delivery delay ?

Looked the operators staring at a pile of data, thinking hard, we will argue that the goods did not depreciate.

Looked at the young sister of the design team , skilled to use of shortcut keys, who will dislike the pics of the shop ? 

Do your best! Yunyuhua warriors!

Take your dream and sail again for a new journey in July.

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